Jul 13

Holiday – Patriotic Prints

Summer is in full swing and we wanted to send a special message to all of you, wishing you a Happy 4th of July!

Check out these red, white and blue prints from EzTextiles and click the picture to see the entire collection! Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to create a quick mood board for each season or holiday? With EzTextiles you can quickly build a whole collection in minutes!

Found a color you love? Lock the color chip and do another search! Your results will ALL include that color!

Click here to see the full collection!

Click here to see the full collection!

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May 13

Client Spotlight – Polder Housewares

We’re at it again, spotlighting some of our clients, and how they use our digital printing services at our sister company, Sano Design Services.

Polder Housewares has been one of our longest established clients, so we had to share some of the calm, cool and collected set of prints we’ve done for them.  Polder makes, among many other items, Laundry and Ironing board accessories to fit a multitude of ironing board sizes. Their prints & palettes are sophisticated and easy to incorporate into any decor. Check out their website to get a fresh, clean look in your laundry room!


May 12

Prints – Peruvian Spice

It’s been raining cats & dogs in New York City, so we decided to pep up our mood! Check out these amazing pictures by SchatziBrown and how we were easily able to find comparable prints on EzTextiles!  Using the library of products, we found a warm scarf to visualize our prints on.

Did you know that once you download your image from EzTextiles, it remains in your “My Downloads” tab for 30 days, so you can download it again and again as much as you need!

Check out our inspiration pic below and start creating collections of your own!

Image via Schatzi Brown

May 11

Holiday – American Woman

Its official, Memorial Day weekend kicks off the start of Summer!

We wanted to honor this holiday by using symbolic colors such as red, white & blue as inspiration. Conversational prints of star motifs and stripes also serve as perfect coordinating patterns.

See our patterns below, and click to see more patriotic textiles!

Inspiration image via PS I made this

Mar 11

Prints- Maxed Out

Maxi skirts are a must-have item for Spring and we are excited that there are some booming trends in prints associated with it!

Here are the most popular so far- Over-sized vintage florals for the daring, mini florals for feminine appeal, and stripes for the casual. The elongated silhouette allows for great allover patterns, so theres room to play!

Check out these and more maxi skirt patterns from our collection!

via mamasarollingstone

Mar 11

Trend – Prep for Spring

Chunky knits and layered styles seem to be a trend of the past as Spring takes over!

Start your Spring collection right with one of the dominating trends this season, the preppy look. Using patterns such as plaids, stripes and subtle foulard motifs help define this trend in basic silhouettes such as fit blazers, light sweaters, and simple dresses. Include a strong color palette of soft pastels and neutrals, then clash them with bold saturated hues of electric blues and yellows for a different approach!

There is more than one way to interpret this trend, so start by using the collection we made for you!

via Stylecaster.com

Jan 11

Trending – Ripe Stripes

According to this recent Stylecaster report, stripes are a major trend for Spring 2011.

Runway shows had everything from your typical horizontal symmetrical stripe to stripes in varying weights and sizes, even find stripes in vertical layouts. For Spring, think technicolor and 70’s prep style…no more boring pastels and muted stripes here!

Go bold with our stripe inspired board!

via Stylecaster

Jan 11

Trending – Retro 80’s

The New Year has us planning ahead but also looking back for inspiration! We decided to go through some old tear-sheets in our vintage magazine collection and found this gem of an article. Look at these prints that we found in VOGUE, Feb 1988!

Start designing your own collection at EzTextiles based on this 80s trend!

Via VOGUE Feb 1988

Nov 10

On the Street – Striped

Large scaled stripes are here to stay- especially when they are done right in subtle neutral colors

We have similar royalty-free stripe designs available for download!

via streetpeeper

Oct 10

La Suite ELLE Decoration

Martin Margiela and Christian Lacroix did it previously, and now Jean Paul Gaultier is the latest designer to participate in the third edition of La Suite ELLE Decoration. The space he re-designed was the former apartment belonging to architect Jacque Carlu, who is best known for the Palais de Chaillot in Paris.

Gaultier’s signature nautical stripe is all over the place- talk about staying true to a brand! Well, we love the avant-garde aspect of it. What designer do you think should take a shot at interior designing?

Via Trendland