May 13

Client Spotlight – Susan Kaplow

Artist Susan Kaplow has had an interesting journey through life, and we’re pleased to share her current exhibit Abomination: Wrestling with Leviticus 18:22. We helped her print the fabric she used in the images below, exploring how certain passages in the Bible have affected her.  You can see her works now through June 28th at Hebrew Union College – JIR Museum or by visiting her website.


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May 13

Swimwear – Hot Bottoms

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to take a look at Swimwear Trends in 2013!  Retro styles with funky prints caught our eye here at EzTextiles! We especially appreciate the florals and geometrics found below, and hope you hop on over to our SWIM 2013 Collection to see similar prints!

Build a collection of prints, and for as little as $1 a download, you can mix and match a collection to your hearts content!


Fun printed swimwear trending now for 2013!


IMAGE SOURCES: Top left, Top right, Center, Lower LeftLower Right

May 13

One World Trade Center – The Spire Goes Up

One of the biggest perks of being located in downtown Manhattan is being able to start and end each day with a gaze up at the magnificent One World Trade building. We were lucky enough to watch the culmination of the construction process; the raising of the spire! Bringing the total height to 1,776 ft. (a nod to our Declaration of Independence) it’s now the tallest building in the western hemisphere, and our humble studio is only yards away!

Help us give a round of applause to all the time and energy (not to mention $$$!) that has gone into this triumphant return of the downtown NYC skyline.

Enjoy these images we took of the One World Trade Center

Enjoy these images we took of the One World Trade Center

May 13

Client Spotlight – Polder Housewares

We’re at it again, spotlighting some of our clients, and how they use our digital printing services at our sister company, Sano Design Services.

Polder Housewares has been one of our longest established clients, so we had to share some of the calm, cool and collected set of prints we’ve done for them.  Polder makes, among many other items, Laundry and Ironing board accessories to fit a multitude of ironing board sizes. Their prints & palettes are sophisticated and easy to incorporate into any decor. Check out their website to get a fresh, clean look in your laundry room!