Jul 13

Holiday – Patriotic Prints

Summer is in full swing and we wanted to send a special message to all of you, wishing you a Happy 4th of July!

Check out these red, white and blue prints from EzTextiles and click the picture to see the entire collection! Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to create a quick mood board for each season or holiday? With EzTextiles you can quickly build a whole collection in minutes!

Found a color you love? Lock the color chip and do another search! Your results will ALL include that color!

Click here to see the full collection!

Click here to see the full collection!

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Apr 11

Prints – Tutti Frutti

Its all about fruits!

A major trend for Spring/Summer 2011 is a strong focus on all kinds of fruits, from apples to lemons even cherries! This kitschy conversational has made quite a buzz amongst editors, stylists and bloggers whom have expressed a liking to the trend. Find fruits in magazine shoots, trend boards- even American Vogues’ Anna Wintour was spotted wearing an all too familiar banana print!

We too love this ‘tutti frutti’ trend! Check out our concept board below using prints from our very own royalty-free Vintage Library!

Download these fruit patterns and more from the rest of the collection!

via The Room Magazine S/S 2011


Mar 11

Going Bananas

Check out LeFashion‘s newest post using EzTextiles!

Check out more fruit themed prints!

via LeFashion


Jan 11

Trending – Spring Novelty Prints

Fruits, Animals, Everyday objects…….as prints?

For Spring 2011, designers have taken a whimsical approach in their design process. Novelty is proving to be a dominant trend in prints.

The ongoing mix & match concept goes hand in hand with this playful use of random objects and abstract forms to make fun conversational patterns!

See more of our novelty patterns..

via stylecaster

Dec 10

Home – Holiday Accents

It’s that time of year- decorating, embellishing, and gifting!

Find unique patterns that are sure to be standouts for the holiday season this year! From traditional plaids to dots and playful motifs, there is no specific direction when it comes to adornment!

Get inspired with these holiday patterns and more!

Nov 10

Beauty – The Modern Manicure

Thanks to celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Beyonce, the art of decorating ones’ nails has never been so popular or creative! We’ve seen a bit of everything, from artistic geometric patterns to daring animal prints, the sky is the limit when it comes to nail embellishment!

Change that boring manicure, start playing with nails provided in this beauty collection!

Oct 10

Novelty – Tricked Out Totes

What is Halloween without Novelty Prints for the young and old!  Skulls for the tweens and Jack-0-Lanterns for the juniors. Everyone needs a totebag to hold all the goodies! !

Go to our Halloween collection to download these prints perfect for the incoming holiday!

Aug 10

Think Out of the Bowl

There was a noticeable fun take on fruits shown by various RTW designers for resort 2011. We definitely foresee fruity themes going far in various markets, from kids, juniors, home, who knows? Check out how we interpreted this trend!

Search for more novelty patterns like these!

Fruit Patterns