Oct 10

Novelty – Tricked Out Totes

What is Halloween without Novelty Prints for the young and old!  Skulls for the tweens and Jack-0-Lanterns for the juniors. Everyone needs a totebag to hold all the goodies! !

Go to our Halloween collection to download these prints perfect for the incoming holiday!

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Oct 10

The Age of Branding

English costume designer Jason Alper, the man responsible for creating the controversial characters in Sacha Baron Cohen films, is at it again. This time, Alper catches our attention with his latest exhibition: “Proletarian Drift and the Enfranchisement of the Bourgeoisie in the 21st century.”

Alper fuses our society’s obsession of fashion branding with some of the most famous works of art known around the world! We think you’ll find these amusing ….

See more of this exhibit HERE.

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Oct 10

Fashion Made “EZ”

Great article on EzTextiles from Business News Daily today!

Oct 10

Trending – The New Polka Dot

Polka dots are everywhere! From large scale to dainty miniature sized, dots have gotten the star treatment on everything from rompers to dresses and separates for next season.

The 1950’s was a major period for this pattern with pin-up styles advocating it, and icons such as Lucille Ball, Jackie-O, Marilyn Monroe, and Grace Kelly making it a fashion statement in everything from dresses to accessories!

Modern day dots are straying away from its classic reputation by getting re-interpreted in pop colors!

Click to see more of these trendy Dots!

Oct 10

The Self-Painted Dress

Is the future of self-printing textiles almost here? Check out the newest technology created by Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht. The “Pseudomorph” dress as it’s called, creates an original painted design each time the valves trickle ink out from the neck-piece.

Pretty mindblowing to see how our industry is evolving!

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Oct 10

La Suite ELLE Decoration

Martin Margiela and Christian Lacroix did it previously, and now Jean Paul Gaultier is the latest designer to participate in the third edition of La Suite ELLE Decoration. The space he re-designed was the former apartment belonging to architect Jacque Carlu, who is best known for the Palais de Chaillot in Paris.

Gaultier’s signature nautical stripe is all over the place- talk about staying true to a brand! Well, we love the avant-garde aspect of it. What designer do you think should take a shot at interior designing?

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Oct 10

Out of Africa

We are happy to report that we got a few emails regarding our Africa post that we went ahead and put together a board with corresponding prints and knit patterns relating to this trend!

And theres more where this came from…start exploring African inspired textiles!

Oct 10

Trending – Tribin’ Times

We all know that African tribal-wear is trending hard, but have you ever really looked into exactly what factors may have contributed in making this a trend to start with?

Meet 3 influential photographers that drew us in….

Phyllis Galembo Photography

Phyllis Galembo is mostly known for her photographic documentation of native tribes. We were attracted to her most recent work of photographing West African tribes in ritual adornment for mainly religious purposes. Check out the fully bodied costumes composed of geometric patterns, stripes, and colorful zig zags.

Hans Silvester Photography

German photographer, Hans Silvester caught our attention with his beautiful and emotional work depicting the temporary bodily decoration by tribes in southern Ethiopia. The people of the Omo Valley, use flora and fauna to embellish their faces and body with perfectly composed color palettes and finger painted motifs that can easily inspire a fresh take on textile designs.

Herring & Herring Photography

The photographers at Herring & Herring focus on fashion photography, but we came across their Tribal shoot and we were instantly mesmerized by how they took the tribal concept to an extreme of colors and patterns. Amazing.

Inspired? Look at our african inspired and royalty-free textiles HERE!

Oct 10

Knitwear – Seeing Perú

Peruvian culture and a native way of dressing has various designers buzzing this season.

As textile designers we couldn’t help but fall in love with the attention to detail and sense of aboriginal decoration. And although there is an immense appreciation for native handmade exquisite wovens, we thought that this theme would make quite an impact in knitwear, especially now that Fall/Winter is here!

Check out some beautiful knit designs and prints that relate to this current trend!

Oct 10

Trending – Peruvian Influence

We spotted it on the runways and the ethnic trend is now being picked up by everyday consumers…Peruvian style influence has taken over with its known attributes consisting of saturated colors, homespun textured woolens, and crafty geometric patterns.

The culture defines itself with an embellished and ornamental aesthetic where details become of the highest importance. What we would consider basics such as woven stripes are imperfectly paired with ancient folkloric motifs and meandering patterns. Peruvian culture effortlessly gives us tons to be inspired by whether its use of bold colors or its handmade textiles that we think deserve more appreciation!

Aaron Huey’s photographs for “The High Road to Machu Picchu” depict beautifully how this culture has the power to influence us.

National Geographic Traveler May/June 09