Oct 11

Prints – Paris Fashion Week Spring 2012

Paris Fashion Week may be over, but we’ve still got a twinkle in our eye about the prints we saw!  As much as Milan Fashion Week showcased color, Paris focused more on neutral collections with pop prints sprinkled here and there.  Whether they be photographic, graphic or ditsy florals, designers throughout Paris’ Fashion week used black and white as staple colors.

Check out our favorites below and compare to our other posts on Milan, London & New York!

Images via Vogue.co.uk

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Aug 11

Color – Neutral Conversations

You may remember our post on Neutrals and Neons being a trend this season, but we’d like to highlight strictly neutral prints. There is an air of sophistication with this soft-spoken palette we’ve composed for the conversational prints below.

Check out the rest of the collection and get started on your own by clicking the color story below!

via hapsical.blogspot


May 11

Color – Neutrals and Neons

Have you noticed the Neutral/Neon trend popping up everywhere? We sure have and we love it! Keep the bright electric colors grounded by simply adding calm neutrals to balance things out. Check out the inspiration board we created using the EzTextiles library and then start creating one of your own! Notice how we enlarged some of the prints to make them more of a placement print. Don’t feel limited to the default sizes; remember you can easily scale our prints up or down to the size you want, for maximum customization!

To see the rest of our collection and start your own, click the color board!

Via WhoWhatWear


Feb 11

Wovens – Plaid and Stripe Play

We came across this great shot from the Sartorialist and we were instantly inspired by the experimental use of mixing a large neutral balanced plaid, against a bias striped tie!

We love that this look isn’t too over the top… It still has a classic appeal, but keeps the blazer style from looking too boring or traditional, especially with a little subtle color in the stripes!

Check out our inspired plaid & bias stripe combo board to download them.

via TheSartorialist

Feb 11

Interiors – Neutral Territory

Spring is just around the corner and we are so excited for the neutral color tones that designers are using to create sophisticated palettes.

Check out Kelly Wearstler’s Vibe Tray below, from her personal blog. We used the extensive EzTextiles library to design an entire collection with the same mood and mixed patterns technique in mind.  Use your design skills to start a collection now!

Check out the rest of our interiors inspired collection!

via TheGlamourai

Feb 11

Color – Head to Tonal

Color is one of the most influential and important elements in the design process, which is why we jumped all over this wallpaper artist and his use of monochromatic colors …..

A tonal color palette exudes a subtle and sophisticated feel for the coming Spring/Summer Season.

Check out how we were inspired to build this tonal color board!

via trendland

Dec 10

Interiors – Auld Lang Design

We’re loving the trend of neutrals paired with pop colors, and is seen in Interior Design as well! By mixing in a punch of color in your design, you’ll be sure to create a look that is timeless yet makes a statement!

Check out our inspiration board below!

Dec 10

The Knitty Gritty

One of our very favorite fashion bloggers, LeFashion is known for avidly using EzTextiles for her mood boards to represent current trends in fashion! Check out her latest post on knitwear patterns! What do you think?

via lefashion

Sep 10

Stripes – Striped Down

It’s a fact that stripes are big this season – and by BIG we mean size proportions! Menswear and Womenswear RTW collections showed an interest in going bold with large scale stripes on everything from jackets to dresses. Some designers took a chance with coordinatedshort suits in neutral stripes, while others elongated the figure in wide vertical stripes. Risky? Yes. Do you think consumers will catch on to this trend in stripes?

Download our inspired variations of big stripes below:


Aug 10

On the Street – Prints

We spotted a subtle but perfect way to wear an animal print..We love the neutral colorway!

Animal Print

Central Park, NYC