Dec 10

Interiors – Auld Lang Design

We’re loving the trend of neutrals paired with pop colors, and is seen in Interior Design as well! By mixing in a punch of color in your design, you’ll be sure to create a look that is timeless yet makes a statement!

Check out our inspiration board below!

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Dec 10

Inspiration – Collage It

We love coming across young artists with unyielding experimental and creative ideas that prove to be inspirational for textile and surface designers!

Checkout Aaron Wexler, an artist with a knack for his mixed media of painting with a cut and paste technique. There is a fluid presence in his abstract work, as well as a unique use of pop colors seen in his organic and geometric patterns.

via trendland

Dec 10

Knitwear – Mix Those Knits

We’re falling hard for the mix-and-match look we found  in January’s Nylon Magazine! Designers can get creative on EzTextiles and be  inspired by searching for patterns in our Knit library.

Check out our board of ideas and then search for more patterns and visualize them on any product!

Via Nylon Jan 2011


Dec 10

Accessories – Purrrrrfect

Seen on the Upper East Side early morning, was the purrfect combination of a small and large scaled animal prints!

We’ve already started an animal print collection for you here..

Dec 10

On the Street – Getting Leggy with it

We just love when amazing street photographers catch amazing prints and patterns in action! Check out the perfect way to get creative with leggings for winter! We love the knitted geometric pattern!

See more of our legging ideas based on this trend!

via thesartorialist

Dec 10

Inspiration- Wallpaper Fun

Wall Coverings can be inspiring …check out Rachel De Joode’s wallpaper designs

Photographic motifs in a kaleidoscope layout…we keep seeing more of this effect and we love the overall abstract pattern it creates !

via trendland

Dec 10

Prints – Make A Splash

Here in New York City, we know the importance of standing out in a sea of umbrellas, so we wanted to share some ideas we created using our product visualization tool! Now it’s your turn to design and see what unexpected creations you can come up with after 10 minutes on EzTextiles!

See the rest of this rain-wear collection!

Dec 10

Home – Holiday Accents

It’s that time of year- decorating, embellishing, and gifting!

Find unique patterns that are sure to be standouts for the holiday season this year! From traditional plaids to dots and playful motifs, there is no specific direction when it comes to adornment!

Get inspired with these holiday patterns and more!

Dec 10

On The Street – Wild Ride

A classic animal print and cherry red scooter. In love.

From leopard to snake skin…there are hundreds of possibilities for animal prints!

Upper East Side, NYC