May 13

One World Trade Center – The Spire Goes Up

One of the biggest perks of being located in downtown Manhattan is being able to start and end each day with a gaze up at the magnificent One World Trade building. We were lucky enough to watch the culmination of the construction process; the raising of the spire! Bringing the total height to 1,776 ft. (a nod to our Declaration of Independence) it’s now the tallest building in the western hemisphere, and our humble studio is only yards away!

Help us give a round of applause to all the time and energy (not to mention $$$!) that has gone into this triumphant return of the downtown NYC skyline.

Enjoy these images we took of the One World Trade Center

Enjoy these images we took of the One World Trade Center

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Apr 13

Client Spotlight – A Tree Grows On Essex

One of the best things about being located in New York City, is being privy to so many one-of-a-kind moments that you just can’t find in other corners of the world. Not being one to pass up an opportunity to show the beauty of this city, we simply must spotlight one of our clients who showcases just that! A Tree Grows On Essex is a continually growing collection of home furnishings such as throw pillows and clocks that feature black and white snapshots throughout NYC, created by Sara Elan. Check out her Etsy shop to bring a little city life into your home too!

Do you have pictures you’d love to see printed digitally onto fabric? Head to our sister site, Sano Design Services and let’s get started bringing your ideas to life!