Feb 11

On the Street – It’s a GEO thang..

After yesterdays post on graphic grayscale geo’s, one of our correspondents caught this great street look on a mens blazer! How relevant!

Get on this trend by finding similar patterns in this collection!

Chelsea, NYC

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Feb 11

Prints – Graphic Grayscale

As designers, sometimes we have to get a little graphic…and using black and white elements are a great way to get that point across!

We were instantly inspired by Pierre Dal Corso’s recent photography spread, and the optical, and graphic quality that he expressed through wardrobe styling.

Check out our trend interpretation below and download these images + more..

Pierre Dal Corso

Feb 11

Interiors – Neutral Territory

Spring is just around the corner and we are so excited for the neutral color tones that designers are using to create sophisticated palettes.

Check out Kelly Wearstler’s Vibe Tray below, from her personal blog. We used the extensive EzTextiles library to design an entire collection with the same mood and mixed patterns technique in mind.  Use your design skills to start a collection now!

Check out the rest of our interiors inspired collection!

via TheGlamourai

Jan 11

Accessories – Bag It Up

If you design bags, this is your year! We’ve been seeing tons of prints in all shapes and sizes popping up on satchels everywhere. From clutches to messenger bags, you can design it all using our extensive library!

For more ideas and to get started, click our printed bags!

Dec 10

Prints – Make A Splash

Here in New York City, we know the importance of standing out in a sea of umbrellas, so we wanted to share some ideas we created using our product visualization tool! Now it’s your turn to design and see what unexpected creations you can come up with after 10 minutes on EzTextiles!

See the rest of this rain-wear collection!

Dec 10

The Knitty Gritty

One of our very favorite fashion bloggers, LeFashion is known for avidly using EzTextiles for her mood boards to represent current trends in fashion! Check out her latest post on knitwear patterns! What do you think?

via lefashion

Nov 10

Beauty – The Modern Manicure

Thanks to celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Beyonce, the art of decorating ones’ nails has never been so popular or creative! We’ve seen a bit of everything, from artistic geometric patterns to daring animal prints, the sky is the limit when it comes to nail embellishment!

Change that boring manicure, start playing with nails provided in this beauty collection!

Nov 10

Inspiration – Fantastic Fatalism

As visually stimulated people, we couldn’t help but be inspired by Heyniek, a graduate from the Design Academy of Eindhoven. His mood boards and illustrations for his collection, “Fantastic Fatalism” are breathtakingly creative! We love how imaginative and eclectic his eye is for putting together some intense patterns and colors!


via trendland

Nov 10

Inspiration – Discarded Media

Check out artist, Nick Gentry’s newest focus…he uses discarded floppy discs containing all kinds of different data as a substrate for fashion forward portrait paintings.

We love the graphic element of black and white meets bright POP colors!

via Trendland

Oct 10

Out of Africa

We are happy to report that we got a few emails regarding our Africa post that we went ahead and put together a board with corresponding prints and knit patterns relating to this trend!

And theres more where this came from…start exploring African inspired textiles!